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Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

The Taylor Bennett Show


If you noticed in the video above, and let's be honest, it's a little hard not to, Taylor Bennett is the younger brother of Chancellor Bennett. Yeah, that Chancellor Bennett. You know, the one who raps? It is officially unfair for hip-hop artists from Chicago.

The Taylor Bennett Show has hit the blogosphere with a bang, and it's not just because of the family name. This dude can rap. Taylor is lighter on the R&B tendencies for the most part, but he retains the aggressive streak in his vocals. He raps over very smooth production and touches on some very real topics. On "Just To Get By," Taylor transposes the hook from Talib Kweli's song of the same name onto a very smooth guitar-led melody. Bennett also minutely addresses the elephant in the room in the beginning of the track. "Lift Off": "Sound like Chance/That's hard to hear." Overall, The Taylor Bennett Show does not disappoint. If you are a fan of Chance, or even if you aren't, I suggest you take a look into this very solid project.
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